Timeless Pieces Every Classy Girl Should Own

Sometimes it is easy to succumb to the desire to fill your closet with inexpensive, trendy pieces, and nothing is wrong with that. I even find myself awing over the new and exciting trends hitting the Old Navy shelf! Even though trend pieces may be plastered in every advertisement, I always make sure my closet contains the necessary basics.  For example, a white button down is a timeless piece that any chic girl will wear until it is in threads. Other forever pieces include dark wash jeans, pearls, statement sunglasses, a good knit sweater, and comfortable flats. img_2049img_2050img_2057img_2065img_2071img_2079img_2114

All these pieces can be dressed up or down and will never go out of style. A closet full of trend pieces will last a season or two, but a base of forever pieces will carry a closet for years.




Button Down- Old Navy (oldnavy.com)

Dark Wash Jeans- Gap (gap.com)

Striped Sweater- Gap (gap.com)

Flats- Old Navy (oldnavy.com)

Sunglasses- Francesca’s (francescas.com)



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