Dressing out of my Comfort Zone

I’m pretty late to hop on the bandwagon of wearing sneakers with more than just athletic wear but until now, I was completely skeptical. I’ve never really seen myself as a sneaker girl because they didn’t seem very feminine to me. I was very wrong! The other day, I was at Von Maur shopping in the clearance shoe room (aka my favorite place on the planet) when I found the Puma Match Lo Sneaker. Something about the iridescent accents on the shoe drew me in, and I knew I had to have them. Since the purchase, I’ve found it hard for me not to wear them because they go with just about anything and they are so comfortable! Check the shoes out at Von Maur, currently on sale for $52!

I chose to do a simple look for this outfit because the sneakers are pretty understated, simple shoes. An all black outfit is definitely a go-to for me because it involves little to no thinking what so ever. The outfit pretty much screams the cool girl vibe, and the shoes are just the cherry on top.


Typically, I like to look super feminine by wearing dresses and skirts, but I channeled my inner tomboy to create my second look. Plus, I’m kinda short and I usually wear heels if I’m wearing boyfriend jeans, but I surprisingly loved wearing these sneakers with them.


For my last outfit, I wanted something that I could wear on a Sunday out running errands, and this dress is perfect for the occasion. I knew I needed it the moment I saw it on Old Navy. I popped a denim jacket on over it and threw on the sneakers and I was instantly ready for some errand running!


All in all, I’m super happy with these shoes and I feel like it’s super easy to make them feminine, which I like. I highly recommend the shoes, especially since they are only $52 right now!

Outfit Details

Outfit #1

Moto Jacket– Trendz Boutique in Celina, OH

Black Tee- Old Navy

Black Jeans- Gap (a similar pair linked because mine is a few years old).

Bag- Kate Spade


Outfit #2

Polo- Lacoste

Cardigan- Gap, bought a few sizes big to be oversized

Boyfriend Jeans- Trendz Boutique in Celina, OH

Bag- Kate Spade Surprise Sale


Outfit #3

Dress- Old Navy

Jacket- Port Authority

Bag- Kate Spade






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