Flamingo’s Favorite Finds Under $20

The other day I was staring in my closet and I realized that for all the clothes I have, I’ve only paid half price for all of it. Nothing makes me feel better than knowing I’ve walked out of a store basically stealing the clothes because I got them for so cheap! Finding great clothes at an affordable price is pretty hard to do if you don’t know where and when to shop. I used to find myself with empty pockets because I’d spend too much on one item. I didn’t know how to find good pieces for a good price. I wanted a huge wardrobe filled with beautiful, luxe clothing, but unfortunately, that isn’t reality when you are a teenage girl. Now, I rarely buy full price clothing and wait till an item is thirty to forty percent off until I buy it. Luckily, I have mastered the skill of finding good clothing for cheap, so I figured I’d share it with you all.

Find #1

The Old Navy clearance section is the best place to find cute, discounted clothing. Online has a good selection, but from my experience, in-store has tons of on-trend, inexpensive pieces. I found this ruffled blouse there for FIVE dollars. Ruffles are big this season so I snagged it immediately. This piece is a fresh, new twist to a classic white blouse that every girl should own. I’ve found some really great clothing in the clearance section, especially basics like striped tees, button-ups, and cardigans. This is the easiest way to get discounted clothing since the deals are going on pretty much year round.


Find #2

I also found this beautiful mauve sweater at Old Navy for five dollars. In this case, I bought it during their end of the season sale, which is the best time of the season to shop for discounted clothing. Sometimes you’ll find leftover last season clothing, but sometimes you’ll find great transitional pieces. This mauve sweater is super lightweight, making it perfect for the cold mornings of spring!


Find #3

You might have noticed the last few posts that I’ve been wearing the same gold flats. What can I say? I’m obsessed with them! It’s great that they are cute, comfortable and I bought them for only $20. One of the easiest ways to get cute and affordable clothing is to watch for sales. Find your favorite store, sign up for exclusive emails, and wait until the piece you want gets marked down! These flats are from Old Navy and I check their site just about every day to see what deals are going on.


Finds #3 & #4

I found these mules and overalls at Marshalls/TJMaxx, which are off-price retail chains. At stores like these, you’ll find inexpensive clothing that is made by big brands like Ralph Lauren. My mules aren’t a big brand but they were trendy and chic so I picked them up anyway. They were $16.99 and I featured them in my last Flamingo’s Top Four. The overalls were bought at TJMaxx and were $15. Overalls can be pretty expensive, so to find this pair for under twenty bucks was incredible!


It really isn’t that hard to find trendy pieces if you know where and when to shop. Every since I got smart about shopping, my closet size has literally doubled! The quality of these clothes are still decent too, but that isn’t much of my concern because I only wear these items a few times. Plus, I’m (trying) to save money from buying cheaper, but let’s be real, I’m just buying more clothes!



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