Roaming in my Roman Sandals

Finally my first year of (kinda) college is over so I can relax and enjoy the warm weather. I say kinda because this past year I’ve been doing part-time college and attending high school so it was not super stressful. Regardless, it was a lot more to add to my already busy schedule and I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief after my final exam. The few days following were pure bliss because I relaxed all day long and did some retail therapy. That is where I picked up these new shoes!

I’ve been eyeing these sandals since last summer and I’ve finally got them. I’m not super short, but I still don’t have much height to me so I love the little block heels these have. They come in black, but I purchased the cognac because it isn’t as harsh. Since they are gladiator sandals and they lace up, they look best with cropped jeans, but raw hem jeans really add to the casual boho look. I’m definitely one of those girls who struggles to walk in heels, but since these only add a little height I don’t stumble near as much.

They are super comfortable, but they do need to be broken in a little bit. I’m looking forward to sporting these sandals all spring and summer to add a boho element to my typical classy-chic look!


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