Flamingo’s Top Four: April

Another month has come and gone unexpectedly fast, so it is time for Flamingo’s Top Four (March Edition Here). This month I struggled to narrow it down to four items because I’ve found tons of goodies that I’m obsessed with. I finally have the list, and the items that haven’t made my top four will most likely make an appearance in future blog post! For now, this is what I really loved the month of April.

1. Statement Earrings

I chose to put statement earrings as number one because I love the very few pair I have so much! Specifically, I love this pair from Francesca’s with multicolored beads formed in a teardrop shape. Unfortunately, they aren’t displaying this pair online at the moment, but they have an amazing selection of similar styles. I typically wear pretty neutral outfits, so these earrings really add a much needed pop of color. Statement earrings with tassels and pom-poms seem to be huge this spring and I certainly will be adding more to my collection soon!IMG_6695IMG_6693

2. Raw Hem Jeans

Currently, I am obsessed with cropped, raw hem jeans because they pair so well with lace-up flats. I’ve posted several times about my favorite raw hem white jeans, but recently I took a pair of some old jeans and chopped a few inches off. I love how fun these are and they are a great style for the summer. Even though I made mine, you can find a great pair here.


3. Rain boots

Ohio is experiencing lots of showers right now, but I’m content because I love rainy weather. Nothing is better than cuddling up on the couch and binge watching a great Netflix series. Even when I have to go out, I have the perfect rain gear to brave the storm! My favorite rainy day accessory is a good pair of rain boots, specifically Hunter rain boots. Hunter boots are totally worth the money and are the perfect shoes for any girl who lives where it pours a lot. It’s rare to find the tall gloss boots on sale, but I purchased mine for about $50 off around Christmas. The bows are by the brand Poppyclips and they are the perfect dainty accessory to put on the boots. To add a bright pop of color I threw on my favorite rain jacket from Charles River Apparel. I had my mom put on my monogram, but there are millions of monogram shops you can purchase similar jackets from.

4. Leather Tote Bag

My final favorite for April is this super cute, but functional tote bag. I’ve been wanting a leather tote for the longest time ever so that I could easily lug around all my school books easier. It’s thick straps make it extra durable so it’s great if I have to throw a ton of books in it. This one is by Steve Madden and I purchased it at Marshalls for $30.

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