Opening Up About My Addiction

Ever since I was a little girl I was carrying around a purse. From dinky little knock-offs, like a fake Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag, to a Dooney and Burke that matched my mother’s and grandmother’s. In middle school betting my mom that if I got a state cut at a swim meet she would have to buy me a $200 Coach backpack. Needless to say, my mom secretly knew it’d be a long shot and I didn’t get the cut or the backpack!

Now, I like hard leather bags, but also am a sucker for a soft pebbeled leather. Straight stitches, boxy structures are my vice. I cannot get enough of Kate Spade either; every time I walk into the store I feel like I’m home.

I may be a little crazy, but I name each bag. Kate Spade bags all come with a name, but I do rename them just for fun. Since they are a more expensive bag, I treat them like my children and that’s why I give them names.

Bag #1

This is the first Kate Spade bag I received. It was a gift from my mom on Christmas Day. I saw it marked down a ton on the Kate Spade website a month before Christmas and sent the link to my mom saying I HAD to have this bag. Fortunately, I have a mom with the same obsession for quality bags, and on Christmas Day I opened a gift with my very first Kate Spade bag in it. I named her Polly because the pretty pink color made me think of a Polly Pocket, one of my favorite childhood toys.


It was the perfect starter bag because I didn’t need a huge, expensive bag to lug around on the weekends when I carried it. I still gravitate towards this bag for going out because it fits a lipstick and small wallet, which is all I need.

Bag #2

This beautiful rose gold purse was bought in the summer a few years back. It was on the surprise sale and I think it was about $125. My mom convinced me to buy this bag because she said it was necessary to have a metallic bag in my collection, and I can’t disagree with that! It’s the perfect statement bag and adds a lot to any outfit. It’s nice to have a bigger purse when I know I’m in for a long day and I need to bring a snack with me. I named this one Tilly for no particular reason except that I thought it was fun!


This is the bag that started my obsession with boxy structures and rose gold! Unfortunately, the sun wasn’t cooperating with me the day I shot for this post so it looks more silver, but in person it has a beautiful rosy sheen to it.

Bag #3

This bag is really near and dear to my heart. I received it last Christmas as a total surprise. No where on my list did I ask for a bag, but I got one anyways! It’s a staple because it’s black and matches everything. It’s the perfect size and shape and it’s a soft pebbeled leather, which is my only of that kind. I named this one Sarah because it was the first name that popped in my head (creative, right?)


Even when I buy myself my first Louis, this bag will still be my favorite. My heart still skips a beat when I think about the moment I opened it on Christmas day!

Bag #4

I bought bag #4 at the end of May this year because it was on a really good sale. I had been wanting a hot pink purse for a few months and this one seemed like a good choice. I paid about $80 for this bag, and I’ve definetley got my money’s worth so far! It doesn’t fit my Stacy Wallet, but a small wallet and lipstick fits perfectly. My hot pink bag needed a name as girly as the pink color, so I call her Magnolia.


I love pairing this bag with a white on white outfit because it gives it the much needed pop of color. It’s a summer staple for me since white is all I wear June and July!

Bag #5

One month after I purchased Magnolia, I got an email from Kate Spade saying that they were doing 40% off sale items. My mouth literally dropped because it was such a good deal. I debated getting any purses because I had just bought one the previous month. Then, I saw the Sophie. I had been eyeing the Cameron Street Sophie since it first debuted, but it was $278 originally and I just couldn’t justify spending that much, nor did I have the money to do so. It took me about a day to decide if I should get it because they didn’t have the tan color I wanted, but after finding out this bag was pretty much sold out everywhere, I went for it. It was over $200 off, and I actually screamed when I opened the box because I was so in love with it. I may or may not have just bought this bag because of the name, but I truly do love it. It’ll be a good color for this fall and I absolutely LOVE the structure. The shape reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw’s bag on The Carrie Diaries, which is one of my favorite shows. I feel like a total girl boss carrying this bag!


I don’t see my addiction to Kate Spade bags, or bags in general ending anytime soon. I’ve made a long list of bags I want to own in the future, like a Tory Burch, Long Champ, and many other brands. To me, spending a little extra money for a good quality bag is worth it because it’ll last for years. Definitely sign up for mailing lists and follow brands on social media so you can score your dream bag for cheap like I did!


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