UnCensorYourself Copper Bracelets

If you haven’t noticed already, I am completely obsessed with rose gold/copper jewelry! It isn’t as bright as silver, or as muted as gold, but has a beautiful rosy sheen to it. So I was more than ecstatic when I received these beautiful copper bracelets from a Etsy shop called UnCensorYourself!

Whitney from UnCensorYourself makes lovely copper bracelets with various phrases on them from “Cat Lady” to “Zero F*cks Given.” If curse words aren’t your thing, that’s okay! She does have bracelets without them and takes custom orders as well. She asked me to pick out two bracelets and I chose “Cat Lady” and “Hella Classy.”


The bracelets did take a few weeks to arrive, but it’s important to remember that they are hand stamped and made to order. When I did receive them in the mail, I was thoroughly impressed by the quality and how darling they were for only $18! Since they are actual copper metal, they are very pliable, making them super easy to fit to your wrist.


I’ve been wearing them like crazy since I’ve received them! It’s the perfect bracelet to add to your arm party because it looks great with silver and gold. I recommended you check them out if you’re looking for bracelets that go with everything and can be stacked!


Thanks to Whitney from UnCensorYourself for sending me these gorgeous bracelets!!


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