A Tour of my Kate Spade Agenda

With school starting this month, and my schedule continually getting busier, I thought it’d be a perfect time to buy a planner for the year. My last three agendas have been Kate Spade, so of course I got another! I have tried a different brand of planner, as well as looked at many others, but I keep purchasing Kate Spade regardless.


Today, I’m giving an inside look of my Kate Spade planner, as well as sharing my reasons for purchasing it over any other brand! I love reading about other blogger’s agendas, so I thought it would be fun to give an in depth tour of mine!


This year, I purchased my Kate Spade agenda from Von Maur. I had originally planned to buy a different one off the site, but when I saw this one I couldn’t help but purchase it immediately! I’m still getting used to editing with Lightroom, so the color is actually isn’t as rich of a coral like this picture portrays. Kate Spade usually creates a line of agendas that can be found only at certain department stores, and not on the Kate Spade site or in a Kate Spade store. The setup isn’t any difference, and neither is the price. So, definitely check out places like Macy’s and Von Maur for more styles!

My first Kate Spade planner was a medium size agenda, and then my last two were the large. There’s a six dollar price difference and the large is a few inches bigger in width and height. I’ve included pictures below showing the difference in size between my large agenda from last year and my medium planner from this year.


I decided to get the medium this year because it is easier to take with me everywhere since it is quite a bit smaller. I like the larger planners, but I don’t find it necessary to have one. For one, it took up too much room in my tote, and I wasn’t using all the lines provided for each day. Kate Spade also has a mega agenda that’s about the size of a notebook. I’ve never purchased one because I don’t find it necessary to have one that big.

When you open the planner, there is a line to write your name and number. Then,  a pocket page to store any notes or pens, followed by a page of stickers. The stickers are a new feature this year for Kate Spade, and a great addition since most competitors include them already.


Before it starts into the monthly & weekly views, there is an overview of the years 2018 and 2019. This is followed by a celebrations page, where you can write down any special events for each month. There is 15 pages of notes in this agenda, and I find this section handy for jotting down notes during class or when I get an idea. In my last planner, I used my notes section for writing packing lists for a trip I was going on. Whether you purchase the mega, large, or medium agenda, you’ll probably not run out of note pages!


After the note pages is where the actual agenda section really starts. Each month has its own tab with a cute phrase that sometimes relates to the month. In the month’s section, there is a overview of the month, a page for each week with lines below each day, and a notes section at the end.


It’s simple, but has plenty of room for me to write my activities of the month down, along with what I need to accomplish each day. For me, I prefer to have basic lines below each day compared to the hourly outline you can get in some agendas, like some by Erin Condren. That is just my preference and what works best for me and my schedule! I’m not saying that this is the best setup for everyone, but if you want something simple, sleek, and small, this is a good agenda for you.

I wouldn’t suggest this planner for people who hardcore decorate their planner because it doesn’t really have room for that. It is great for adding small page flags, but the simplistic design keeps it looking clean and organized.

I cannot help but buy a Kate Spade agenda year after year because they are cute and easy to use. The designs are definitely my style (just like everything else at Kate Spade, lol!) and I’ve never had a single complaint about them! They always offer a few different styles, some are brightly patterned and others are more basic.

Every year I look at other popular agendas, like ones by Lilly Pulitzer and Day Designer. This past year, I tried a planner from Target that had a flamingo on the cover and said “stand tall darling.” It was cute, had a nice setup, but was the size of a notebook and super thin. It looked cheap, and it wasn’t the sleek look I like. I missed my Kate Spade planner so much, so my mom ended up getting me one for Christmas.

A planner is something I’m going to be using on the daily, and I want it to incorporate into my life. I don’t want to purchase it unless it is functional, not complicated, and frankly it has to be pretty! It’s highly unlikely I’m going to want to use it if it isn’t pleasing to look at. I feel so much more organized when I am using an agenda, and with a busy school year coming up, I’m going to need it!

Since Kate Spade planners aren’t in everyone’s budget, I’ve linked a few cute ones below that aren’t as expensive!

Target- $12.99

Staples- $8

Amazon- $7.19


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