Falling for Overalls

I am not an overall gal, I wear them maybe once a year. While cleaning out my closet the other week, I put three pairs into my giveaway pile, but I couldn’t let go of this pair. I can’t place my finger on what I exactly like about these overalls, but I know they are a great piece to keep in my closet!


Overalls are easy to throw on when you want to look like you tried that day, but really you had no idea what to wear! Throw on a simple tee, overalls, and sneakers and you’re on your way to run errands for the day. Today, I’m styling black overalls with an OTS (off the shoulder) top and mule sandals for an easy outfit to take you into fall.


I’m always looking for ways to change up how I wear OTS tops, and I think this is my favorite so far. The white OTS top is from a local boutique, Trendz, and it has tiny black stripes on it. I love the way the bows on the sleeves of the OTS top makes this look more feminine.


When wearing overalls, I feel like I need a little heel because I am short and overalls tend to swallow me. I don’t like walking around in six inch heels everyday, so a small block heel is what I normally go for. These mule sandals that I got on sale for $13 at Marshall’s keep the look casual, but still give me the height I need (similar pair here).

I always reach for a bold bag when I’m wearing black and white, so just about everyday! My favorite bag at the moment is the Cameron Street Sophie from Kate Spade. It’s a beautiful warm, pink color, which is a great color for this fall. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available and I can’t find a bag in the exact color, but this bag has a similar silhouette.


Early fall in Ohio always brings cold mornings and warm afternoons, and this outfit is great for those days. I think I may have to think twice about giving my other overalls away, because I’m loving this look!

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