Reworking Leopard Print

If you’ve been following my blog from the start, you may remember one of my first blog posts Why Leopard Print IS a Neutral. You may also know that Kate Spade is my favorite brand, by far. I’ve even wrote a blog post talking about my obsession with the brands bags. I check the Kate Spade site daily, so when I saw that a majority of their fall collection is leopard, I was ecstatic.

They are introducing leopard print as a neutral, literally. When you open their site, the first thing you see is a woman wearing a leopard print jacket and a title that reads, “leopard print: wear it with literally everything.” Another one of their tabs says, “shop our new neutral” and leads you to a page full of leopard print products. Let’s get this clear though, I’m not here to claim I “started” this trend or did it before everyone else. I saw quite a few leopard print pieces last winter, and decided to wear them. The objective of this post is to show how fashion is always evolving, and how to rework a print to make it appropriate for the current season. Oh, I’ll be sharing a few photos from when I started blogging, so that will be a whole lot of fun to laugh at!

1. From Rain Boots to Ankle Booties

Last Winter:


This past winter, I wore leopard print flats, rain boots, and kitten heels, and I’ll still be wearing them. This season, I’ve got my eye on this adorable pair of heeled booties from Nordstrom. This style is the hottest boot of the season, and incredibly easy to walk in. Even though I believe leopard print can be worn year after year, I’ve picked to show an affordable pair from Target as well because I realize not everyone is going to continue wearing it after the trend passes.

leopard print boots

Cade Genuine Calf Hair Bootie- $119.95

Target Leopard print boot

Target Leopard Print Ankle Boot- $34.99

2. From Scarves to Belts

Oddly enough, I can’t find a picture in my leopard print scarf. I wore it at least three times a week, so not being able to find at least a selfie in it is surprising!

This season I’ll be wearing a leopard print belt as a statement accessory in place of the leopard print scarf. Statement belts are huge this year, so why not wear a leopard print belt? Gap has a gorgeous leopard print belt with a fun buckle that adds another trendy element. It could be perfectly paired with an all black outfit and tan fur vest.

leopard print belt

Gap Haircalf Leopard Belt- $34.95

3. From a Statement Bangle to Statement Earrings

Last Winter:


Just about every day last winter, I wore a thick, leopard print bangle. It spiced up every outfit I wore, but I think these Kate Spade reversible earrings are a fresh update to leopard print statement jewelry. These earrings are definitely not your typical pair of earrings, but that’s why I love them! I would wear these earrings with the leopard print puff ball facing forward to really make a statement!

leopard print earrings

Kate Spade Reversible Earrings: $68

4. A Piece I’m Looking Forward to

I wanted a leopard print jacket SO bad last winter, but couldn’t find an affordable one. It looks like this season I’m in luck because Old Navy has this adorable one. They’re always having sales too, so that’s a great bonus! A white blouse and blue jeans is my favorite classy outfit. I love to add leopard print to the combination in the fall and this Old Navy jacket would be perfect for that!

leopard print jacket

Old Navy Leopard Print Cardi-Coat: $59.99

Leopard print clothing, accessories, and shoes are easily accessible this year. About any store you shop at has at least one piece of this trendy print for the fall season. I’m already searching for more leopard print apparel to add to my closet, but I’ll definitely be pulling out what I already had!


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