My Signature Style

I’m definitely a creature of habit, even when it comes to fashion. I like to try trends, but at the end of the day, I’ll always go back to my signature look. If I had to describe my style, it would be chic and classic, but it’s very me. There’s certain parts of my morning routine that I like to keep the same, including my scent and nails. I thought this would be a fun topic to talk about, so today I’m sharing five parts of my signature style!

1. Signature Outfit

I’ve mentioned several times before on my blog that I love dark wash denim paired with a white blouse, or even tee shirt. If I could choose any outfit combination to wear for the rest of my life, it would be dark wash denim and a white top. It’s timeless, but with the help of a few accessories, you can easily make it trendy. I love white blouses the best, but on days I want to dress down, I throw on a white tee and cardigan. The best part is, it works for every season. This isn’t an outfit I wear every day, but it is one that I wear often.



2. Signature Scent

They say a woman should have a signature scent, and ever since the seventh grade, I have. It changes every few years, but I like the thought of having a signature scent. In middle school, it was Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, and my first two years of high school it was Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Today, it is Live Colorfully by Kate Spade, and I don’t feel quite the same if I walk out of the house without it.

3. Signature Nail Polish

My mother has always told me to keep my nails polished, and I do just that. I cannot stand them to be chipped or bare. Recently, I’ve even developed a signature nail polish color. I’ve tried many shades of pink and finally settled on a shade I think is the perfect pink. It’s a light color, so when it does chip it isn’t as noticeable. The polish I almost always wear is by Sally Hansen and it’s called “Pinky Promise.”


4. Signature Eye Makeup

I’m a huge fan of changing up my lip color, but when it comes to eye shadow I do it the same, every single day. Even for special occasions, I wear the same exact eyeshadow look. Sometimes I add winged liner, and sometimes I go without it. I’ll always wear a pinkey-mauve shade in the crease, and a shimmery, glittery light pink on the lid. In the fall and winter, I usually use the Lorac Unzipped palette, but in the spring and summer I use the Naked 3 palette. I’ve been using these palettes since my freshman year in high school, and I can’t think of a single complaint!

5. Signature Jewelry

Finally, I wear the same jewelry, everyday. There are a few pieces I can’t leave my house without. I always wear the first piece of jewelry my boyfriend ever gifted me, a rose gold bangle from Kate Spade (it is no longer available). I also wear a pair of Tiffany earrings gifted to me from my parents every day. Lastly, I always have on a ring from my boyfriend. Without these three pieces, my day is completely thrown off. They are so near and dear to my heart that I just don’t feel the same without them!

After writing this post, I think I seem a little bit crazy for having so many signatures. I do have to say, it makes life just a little bit simpler, especially when I’m getting ready in the morning. Without having to think about how I’ll do my makeup or which perfume I’ll wear that day, I can focus on the things I need to accomplish or even catch a few extra minutes of sleep!


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