Six Shoes Every Girl Needs

I organized my closet last night and realized that I have SO MANY SHOES. Not only is my closet over flowing with flats, boots, and heels, I store my out of season shoes in my brother’s closet. There’s a few pair of shoes I would never get rid of for the fact that I believe they are an essential piece of my wardrobe. For example, I will never give away my Kate Spade heels I got for prom. They’re black, so they go with everything and they’re a classic. I’ll be attending college as well next year as well and a good pair of loafers may come in handy for job interviews or internships. Below, I’ve rounded up a few pairs of shoes I believe are necessary for every girl to have. These are shoes I splurged on and think it was well worth it.

numbered version

1. Kate Spade Baneera Heels

Last year for prom, I got these classic, black heels from Kate Spade. I knew if I was going to spend a lot on a pair of shoes, I needed something timeless and that could be worn for any event. I’ve worn them for several blog posts, senior pictures, weddings, and I anticipate wearing them to future Air Force balls that I’ll attend with Casey. Needless to say, I’ve already got my money’s worth out of them. A versatile pair of black heels is an essential to any girl’s wardrobe, but unfortunately this exact pair is only available in a 7.5 (on sale!) I’ve linked a few good quality heels below for a few different budgets.

Kate Spade Baneera Heels- $197 on sale

Marc Fisher, Nine West, Sam Edelman

2. Sorels

Every preppy girl loves a pair of Bean Boots, but I haven’t purchased a pair quite yet. Another great pair of snow boots are these Caribou boots from Sorel. Trust me when I say they’re worth the money. I have a different style by Sorel and have been wearing them regularly through the winter since the seventh grade. Now, as a senior who’s already thinking about how to strategically pick what shoes I’m going to bring to college, I know that my Sorels are on the list. The Caribou is a popular style, and are really great for heavy snow.

Sorel Caribou Boot-$150

3. Bass Weejuns

Loafers are such a classic pair of shoes, and I can’t think of a brand that has better loafers than G.H. Bass & Co! Bass Weejuns are sophisticated so they are the perfect shoe for interviews and internships. Again, going to college I’ve been making my list of shoes to bring (yeah, I know it’s early!) My Bass Weejuns are an essential because of how comfortable and classy they are. I’ve worn them with jeans and a tee before and it looked perfect. It’s just one of those shoes that any girl should have!

Whitney Weejuns- $110

4. Hunter Boots

I think pretty much every girl who has owned a pair of Hunter’s can agree this boot is a necessity. I’ve had mine since last Christmas and I wear them just about every rainy day. In the winter, you can add a liner to keep your feet warm, but my personal favorite accessory for these boot are Poppy Clips. They’re little bows that you but on the back of your boot and they’re just downright adorable. The boot itself protects against rain, snow, and slush. Although, I’ve learned the hard way that walking on an ice covered sidewalk isn’t the easiest in this boot!

Original Tall Gloss Hunter Boots- $150

5. Uggs

I don’t care if you think Uggs aren’t fashionable or cute, they are cozy! Lately, they have been becoming socially acceptable again, and I’m so pumped. I haven’t owned a pair Uggs in a year, but they’re definitely on my wish list this Christmas. These Kristin Uggs are my favorite because they are a bit trendier than the classic styles. They pair best with athleisure outfits, but they’d look adorable with a chunky, knit sweater and dark wash jeans!

Kristin Uggs- $149.95

6. Doc Martens

I’m not going to say a whole lot about Doc Martens considering my next post is focused around them, but I know they aren’t a shoe for everyone. Personally, I haven’t worn them in a few years, and you’ll find out in my next post why I’m pulling them out of storage. I’ll stop here before I spill too much before Wednesday’s post!

Doc Martens in Cherry Red- $139.95

This post kinda turned into a “What Shoes I’m Bringing to College” post but these 6 styles are my fall/winter staples. These shoes are well worth the money, but don’t feel like you HAVE to buy them full price. With Christmas quickly approaching, a lot of these styles can be purchased for a lot less on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

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