The Shoes I Thought I’d Never Wear Again…

Back in my eighth grade year when 90’s grunge was a HUGE trend, I wanted a pair of Doc Martens so bad. I was trying really hard to be edgy and punk, and I thought cherry red Doc Martens would be the perfect piece to show how hardcore I was. I received them for Christmas that year, and pretty much wore them everyday after that.


Top- Trendz Boutique  Jeans- Trendz Boutique  Shoes- Dr. Martens $139.95 Glasses- Eye Buy Direct $52 for frame

By the end of my freshman year, I put away my Doc Martens and told myself it was just a phase. I wanted to get rid of them, but my mom convinced me I should keep them because in a few years I might decide I want to wear them again. I thought the shoes were too tom-boyish and a classy girl like me could never wear them.

Well, four years later, here I am dusting off my cherry red Doc Martens and deciding maybe they aren’t all that hard to incorporate into my personal style. Doc Martens are the shoes I truly never thought I’d wear again, but lately I’ve been choosing them over my favorite leopard print flats. Crazy, right?


Also, last winter I HATED any color in the burgundy/maroon family. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite colors for this fall and winter season. I love it paired with blush pinks, and believe that these Doc Martens would look absolutely adorable with the fur vest featured in last week’s post.


Today, I’ve paired the cherry red Doc Martens with a lace up blush top tucked into super distressed jeans. Both the top and jeans are some of my current favorite pieces, and if they were paired with leopard print flats, it would be a pretty safe pick for me. The Doc Martens add an unexpected quirky edge to the outfit. Plus, the sole is pretty thick so they make me look a tad bit taller.

I swore I’d never wear my Doc Martens again, but I’m really loving them currently. My personal style has evolved A LOT in the past five or so years, but there’s some pieces I keep going back to. I think it’s so fun to look back over the past few years and see how much my style has changed and see the pieces I’ve been wearing since middle school. I’m turning 18 next week, so be on a lookout for a post that hopefully includes cringey pictures of some of the outfits I used to wear (if I can find them off my old Ipod touch lol!) Until then, follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with my daily life.


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