18 Random Things About Me

Hello friends! Today, I’m doing a more personal post because it is my birthweek! Saturday is my 18th birthday, so my posts this week will be based around that. I thought I’d kick off my birthday with 18 things about me that you probably don’t know. I typically only talk about fashion on my blog, so I figured this would be a fun way to switch it up!

1. I take part time college classes

I started taking college classes at the beginning of my junior year of high school through Ohio’s College Credit Plus program. Basically the school pays for a student to take college courses through tax payers money, so I will have just about 2 years of college done when I graduate high school. The only thing I’ve had to pay for was a $15 parking fee when I took classes at the local college, but now I take online. It’s taken a lot of dedication, but I don’t think I could ever regret this decision!

2. I’m the editor of my high school yearbook and newspaper

My sophomore of high school I joined my journalism class where we produced the school newspaper. I knew I enjoyed writing, so I thought I’d give it a shot. By my junior year, the class was combined with the yearbook class, and I became the editor of both publications. I wasn’t so sure about yearbook, but it quickly became one of my favorite hobbies. In college, I look forward to joining at least one of the publications because I’m not quite ready to give it up yet.

3. I’m a swimmer

At five years old, my mom signed me up for the summer swim team and I HATED it. The next summer, I didn’t join, but I watched my parents cheer on my older brother who did.  I’m a super jealous child, and the next year I decided to swim again. I’ve been swimming year-round since I was about nine years old now. This week begins my last swim season ever, since I don’t plan on swimming in college. The picture below is my relay and I after we placed at Districts.


4. Four is my favorite number

This one is super random, but four is my favorite number. I was born on the fourth of the month so I’m convinced it’s the luckiest number.

5. I failed my driver’s test… twice!

Yes, this one is a little bit embarrassing, but I failed my driver’s test twice. I passed the driving aspect of it the first try, but failed the maneuverability section the first, and second, try. Finally the third time, I took a smaller car and passed quickly. I still don’t know how I ever passed because I am still terrible at parking!

6. My house is surrounded by fields

I live in a rural farming community, so the land around me is all corn/bean fields. These fields separate my neighbor’s homes from ours. If you look around my home, there is a field north, east, south, and west.

7. Vanilla lattes are my favorite coffee drink

I can’t think of a coffee I don’t like. I like espresso drinks, French press, and regular black coffee. If I had to pick a favorite, it’d be a vanilla latte. Hot or iced it doesn’t matter, it’s always my go-to drink!


8. I work at a boutique

Fitting, isn’t it? I’ve been working at a boutique for a year now, and before that I worked at an embroidery shop. With both of these jobs I’ve handled clothing every single day. Working at a boutique has been harder because most days I come home with clothing instead of a paycheck! Regardless, I love working at a boutique because I get to put together outfits and get clothes ready for the floor.

9. I love cats

Growing up, we had several cats who lived in our garage and we had a batch of kittens pretty much every year. At one point, we had two batches of kittens at once. Since then we’ve made sure we spay/neuter our animals and have given away a few cats. Now, I only have three cats outside and one living inside. Our indoor cat is named Gus and he is such a baby. He looks like a Siamese, but he’s really just a mix.

10. My mom introduced me to fashion

Thankfully, I had a mother who raised me in the world of fashion. She graduated Indiana University with an Apparel Merchandising degree. I’ve been dressed in the cutest outfits since I was born and she’s still super opinionated when it comes to what I wear. I’d definitely say my mom and I have a similar style. A lot of times when we get ready to go out, we find ourselves accidently matching or coordinating.

11. My brother is a sailor and my boyfriend is an airman

You probably already know this about me if you follow me on Instagram. This really isn’t about me, but it is a huge part of my life. I grew up with a lot of military ideals because my grandfather was in the Navy, so my mom was raised that way too. I remember always having to make my bed with a 45 degree angle, and I didn’t realize until I started having friends over that not every kid makes their bed that way. Now, with my brother being in the Navy and Casey in the Air Force, I’m sure military will continue to be one of the biggest aspects of my life. Here’s a picture of Casey at graduation. I highly doubt my brother wants to be in this post, and due to him being deployed currently I can not ask him if I can include a picture of him!


12. I’ve been with Casey for over 2 years

Casey and I have been dating for almost two and a half years. Before he left for the Air Force, we spent just about every day together. We’ve changed so much in the past two years, but I’d say his style changed the most. When we started dating, he wore Buckle head to toe, but since then he’s learned to love everything preppy. He cannot wear civilian clothes in public right now, so he’s wearing his ABU’s on most days! We started a vlogging channel together this summer before he left, and plan on vlogging as much as we can when he’s home this Christmas.

13. My favorite dessert is crème brulee

I LOVE crème brulee. It’s my all time favorite dessert. I prefer a small, rich dessert compared to a piece of cake or browines. A macaron is my second favorite dessert, but I’d rather have vanilla crème brulee!

14. My fashion icons are Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie Kennedy

I love a classic style, and these women have just that. From Audrey’s iconic little black dress, Jackie’s white pants + black tee, and Grace’s midi skirts these women had impeccable style. Not to mention, they all wore pearls!

15. My favorite season is fall

I love fall because of the cold weather and fashion. Nothing is better than cuddling up on a Sunday morning in fall with a hot cup of coffee. In the fall, the fashion is better because of layering and cozy sweaters. Also, it’s pumpkin spice season!

16. My hair is naturally curly/wavy

I almost always have my hair sleek straight, but my natural hair is a wavy curl. It used to be really curly when I was little (pictured below), but the curls have became looser as I have gotten older. It’s much easier to manage my hair when it is straight, so that is why I rarely wear it natural.

FullSizeRender (1)

17. I want to work at a fashion museum in college

Both the colleges I’ve been accepted into have fashion museums, and I’d love to volunteer/work at one. I love history and fashion so the two coming together is a dream for me. I’ve been to the Kent Fashion Museum several times, and I would really like to see the behind the scenes work of getting the exhibits ready!


18. I’m going on a college visit this Friday

This Friday I’m going to visit the college I plan on attending next year. I’m not going to say what college it is, but I’ve applied and been accepted into Indiana University and Kent State University. Any guess of where I’ll be attending? Follow me on Instagram to see the college I’m visiting this Friday!

I don’t really talk about my personal life on my blog, but I figured since it’s my birthweek I’d change it up a little. Stay tuned this week for more birthday posts and to find out what college I plan on attending next fall!


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