Where I’m Going to College!

Hello friends! Today, I went on a college visit to the college I’ll be attending next fall. I’ve been dreaming since freshman year of attending this college. It has everything I want, and more. I knew the moment I got my acceptance letter that I’d be going here, and I’m super excited to share with you all today where I’ll be attending!


Whoo hoo! Yes, that’s right I’m a future Golden Flash! It’s the #1 fashion school in the Midwest, #3 fashion merchandising school in the US, and the #17 fashion school worldwide! The program is outstanding because they truly set their students up for success. The Fashion School offers several study away programs in places like Paris, Florence, and New York City just to name a few. Plus, they have corporations like Target come in and interview students for internships.

My visit today was incredible. I went for a Fashion School prospective day where I got a ton of information on curriculum, study away programs, and scholarship opportunities. The Fashion School advisor who gave the presentation was so kind and helpful when it came to questions. If you’re considering Kent State for fashion design/merchandising, definitely look into a prospective day because it made me even more sure about my decision.


Since I attended the Fashion School prospective day, I got free admission into the museum. The 80’s exhibit was my absolute favorite, but the 40’s was a close second. It was neat to see the exhibit all about fringe because it is a decently big trend now, so it was cool seeing how fringe has been worn for the past 100+ years.

IMG_1176 (1)IMG_1175IMG_1177IMG_1174IMG_1173IMG_1181IMG_1179IMG_1178

To finish my visit off at Kent, I had to stop downtown at The Fashion School Store. I wanted to make it official by getting a sweatshirt I have been eyeing since my first visit last November. In applique it says, “The Fashion School” and embroidered underneath it says, “Merchandising.”


This goal was not hard to reach since Kent State has a higher acceptance rate, but I’m celebrating regardless. Being on campus makes me feel as if I’m home, and I know this is where I belong. I’m ready for the next few years to be full of studying fashion forecasting, marketing, media, and so much more.



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