Uggs Really Aren’t That Ugly

Hello friends! Uggs have really been making their comeback these past few years after having a short lived stigma of being “basic.” I vividly remember wearing my brown knitted Uggs just about every day in late elementary school. I wore them all seasons, including summer where I wore them with shorts and a blue and brown plaid cabbie hat (yeah, I wish I had pictures of that one!). While wearing Uggs with shorts and mini skirts isn’t as acceptable now, Uggs are becoming more prevalent in the fashion world.

I love Uggs for the fact that they feel like hugs on your feet, ALL day! I wear them a lot with oversized sweaters and leggings, but today I’m going on a slightly more put together route. I’m still keeping it nice and cozy, but I want the outfit to look like I’m actually trying.


For starters, I’m wearing these chestnut Kristin Uggs. The wedged heel makes these boots more trendy, and they seem to be a bit slimmer compared to traditional Uggs. I’ve paired  them with dark wash jeans, a black tee, the biggest & comfiest cardigan I could find, and a blanket scarf. I wanted to be cozy as well as put together, so I went for a blanket scarf and cardigan. Jeans are the key to this outfit because if I wore leggings, this look would be much more relaxed.


Jeans- Gap, Top- Marshall's (similar here), Scarf & Cardi- Trendz Boutique

This outfit will surely keep you warm during the colder months. Uggs are such a good investment because they are good quality and they will keep your feet nice and toasty in the cold weather. I’m really happy this slipper boot is coming back, and in updated styles, like this Kristin boot!

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