Makeup Routine for Oily, Scarred Skin

Hello lovelies! Today on the blog, I decided to switch things up and chat about makeup instead of fashion. My skin is oily and covered in acne scars, so every day I put on a decent amount of makeup to cover the imperfections. Not having perfect skin SUCKS and it makes my morning routine take so much longer. Before I figured out my favorite products, I spent countless hours watching YouTube videos and a boat load of money trying out new foundations, concealers, and powders. So, if you have skin similar to this:

Or you just want to see how I do my makeup… keep reading!


To prep my face for makeup, I always start out with the Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue Primer. This is the best primer I have found so far for oily skin, and it does a great job at minimizing pores as well. I focus on applying it to my t-zone, and blend out to the edges of my face.

When my primer has absorbed into my skin, I apply Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation with the Sigma F80 brush. Currently, I’m dealing with a lot of redness and dark marks on my face, so it is important to me to have a lot of coverage. Double Wear has great coverage, but I find that it is a lot fuller if I use the Sigma F80 brush instead of a Beauty Blender. When I didn’t have as bad of acne scarring, I did just use a makeup sponge, but the Sigma F80 provides the extra coverage I need without feeling cakey.


Then, I go in with two different concealers; one for brightening and one for covering any dark marks visible through the foundation. I use the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye for covering any leftover acne scars showing through. One thing I find important in a concealer is that the coverage is good enough to cover the rest of the scarring, but lightweight enough that it is not going to add any unwanted texture to the skin. With having acne scarring, I’m starting to develop small dents in my skin, so I need a product that isn’t going to accentuate that. Then, I go in with my Maybelline Age-Rewind brightening concealer to cover my dark circles, and to highlight my nose, chin, and cupid’s bow (pictured below). I blend all of my concealer out with the Real Techniques Mini Sponge.



To set my face, I use the NYX Cosmetics HD finishing powder in the transleucent shade with this Real Techniques sponge. I used to use Rimmel London’s Stay Matte powder, but it made my face look incredibly cakey. Once I switched over to the NYX powder, I was amazed at how smooth and natural my face looked, even when I had quite a bit of face products on. Plus, I have found that my face does not get as oily after hours of wear.

I use the Hoola bronzer by Benefit to contour my face. I load up an angled brush with the bronzer, tap off the excess, and then go in on my cheeks. Without reloading the brush, I tap around my forehead, nose, and under my chin.

For blush, I use whatever I have in eyeshadow palettes or samples from Sephora. Right now, I’m using a Tarte blush that I got as a birthday gift from Sephora.

Moving on to eyebrows, I’m currently using this Loreal brow gel with the Anastasia Beverly Hills angled eyebrow brush. I don’t have a specific method for doing my eyebrows, I just fill them in.


For today’s eye look, I’m using the Lorac Unzipped palette. I prime my eyes with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Then, I set it with the shade Undercover from the Lorac palette. Setting my primer with a white/cream eyeshadow makes blending easier later.


For the crease, I use the shade Unconditional and focus it towards the outer corner.


I finish it off by tapping Unreal onto my lid. Also, when I want my shimmer shade to be more intense, I’ll dampen my brush before apply the eyeshadow.


Call me crazy, but I like to apply my mascara before eyeliner. I have a lot more control over my wings this way. I curl my lashes, then apply the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara on my top and bottom lashes. While I wait for my lashes to dry, I usually apply highlight. Right now, I’m using a sample of Urban Decay’s Sin liquid highlighter. Once they dry, I go in with the Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner and create a small line and wing. I’ve tried a few eyeliners, and this is definitely the best drugstore one.


I always finish off my makeup with lipstick. Today, I’m using the Tarte Creamy Matte Lip paint in the shade Namaste.


I wish I could say this routine is easy and not time consuming, but that would be a lie. Hopefully once my skin is clear, I can tone it down on the makeup a bit. If you have skin like me, I recommend you try out some of the products I mentioned. I’ve been trying out new foundations, concealers, and powders for years now, and I always go back to the products I use now.


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