Casey Picks My Outfit!

Hello lovelies! I somehow convinced Casey to do this blog post with me while he is home for break. He had to pick an outfit for a dinner with family and friends that included pants and a warm coat. Casey searched my closet for about five minutes before concluding that I had “too many clothes,” yeah, right! Eventually, he chose a black peplum hem top, jeans, black booties, and a fur coat. I asked him a few questions about the outfit he chose for me, and he answered, reluctantly!DSC01265


Q1. Can you explain the outfit?

“Black booties because of the black shirt. The jeans are your favorite and it was cold out. The fur jacket is warm and it looks nice with the black shirt. I chose the necklace because you were wearing hoops and you usually don’t wear hoops.”

Q2. What was your inspiration for the look?

“I guess the jeans inspired me, but I’ve never had a piece of clothing inspire me.”


Q3. Do you think the guidelines limited you to a small section of my closet?

“Uhh, yeah. That’s why they are called guidelines.”

Q4. Did you choose any of the pieces because it’s something I’d typically wear?

“Black is something you ALWAYS wear.”


Q5. Were you happy with the overall look?

“Yep. You looked nice.”

Q6. Do you think I liked the outfit?

“Yes, you liked the outfit. I’m a good stylist.”


Honestly, overall Casey did a really great job putting an outfit together for dinner. The look was similar to what I’d wear, but I don’t wear the black peplum hem top very often. I think Casey played it a bit safe by choosing black, denim, and fur, but I also think he just knows my style pretty well!

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