NYE at Smiths’ Boathouse Restaurant

Hello lovelies! I know I said in my last post that I was just going to hang out in pj’s with Casey on NYE, but we had a little change of plans. All day we had been going back and forth trying to figure out where we could go out to eat because I wanted to dress up and have some good food. Luckily we got a call from a family friend asking us out to dinner with his family to a restaurant neither of us had been to before. Steve Stone, our family friend, said it was a super nice place with amazing food, so how could we deny?! We ran to Casey’s house, grabbed some clothes for him, ran back to my house, and I threw on the skirt I had been dying to wear. The Stone’s picked us up and we headed to Troy, Ohio to dine at Smiths’ Boathouse Restaurant on the Great Miami River.


As soon as we arrived, I was in pure awe of how gorgeous the area was. The building used to be an old boathouse, and was converted into this beautiful restaurant below.


On NYE, they were having a special buffet with Chicken Gordon Bleu Bites, Brussel Sprout Slaw, Salmon with Parmesan Cream Sauce, Garlic Parm Mashed Potatoes, and Rosemary Roasted Carrots, just to name a few of my favs! They also had a carving station where the owner was slicing up prime rib right in front of you. My very favorite was the baked cod. I love cod, and I can hands down say this was the best cod I’ve ever had. It had a spectacular flavor and was super flaky and crispy.



Here’s a snap of me with my first plate of the night. I was not even close to being finished then!


We finished off our meals with the delicious homemade desserts that were displayed on a boat, how cool! I cannot remember the exact names of the dessert, but there was a chocolate cake with a chocolate covered espresso bean on top, another cake that I believe was carrot cake, and apple streusel dessert, and cookies. It was the perfect way to end the spectacular feast we had!



I hope to go back to Smiths’ Boathouse Restaurant soon because the Stone’s said brunch is incredible there, as well! Nights spent dining with family and friends are my favorite, and I’m so grateful for all the times I got to do just that in 2017. I hope that 2018 is filled with many more times like this!

Thanks to Steve, I am giving away a $25 gift certificate to Smiths’ Boathouse Restaurant on my Instagram & Facebook page. You can enter on both social media platforms, just head on over to them to find out how! Also, go ahead and check out Nature’s Green Nursery Facebook page while you’re at it, because Steve has the best nursery around!

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