My First Investment Piece!

Hello lovelies! I recently purchased my first investment piece, a Gucci belt. I wanted to write a blog post about my hunt to get the right belt, and why I decided I would invest in this piece. If you’re interested in purchasing a Gucci belt, or if you just want to know why I bought one, then keep reading!

It all started back in October of 2017 when I came home from Marshall’s with bags full of random stuff that I had just impulsively bought. A sweater that I wore twice, a pack of hangers, and a few other small things that I did not need. I realized that I needed to get my act together and stop spending my money on useless things, so I stopped spending money completely for an entire month. I started brewing coffee at home, avoiding fast food, and saving up for one big prize.


By the time my annual shopping trip at the end of November came, I saved up more than enough to buy a Gucci belt. I was very naïve, and I walked into the Gucci inside of Saks Fifth thinking that I would walk out with a belt. Little did I know that even the pink leather belt was sold out just about everywhere. Thankfully, the sales associate took my name and number and he said he would call around to find one in my size.

About a week later the sales associate called and said that there was about seven in the US in my size, and stores would NOT give them up. He told me to check the site daily just in case I could get one online before he got one in store. So, I waited…and waited…and waited for two months.

I checked the Gucci site everyday, and they were not restocking it in my size. That was until last week when I was sitting in school during my free period. I went onto Gucci, and saw the belt was in stock in the 85.


The belt was delivered to my house yesterday, and I was in awe when I opened the box. After all this trouble to get the most popular belt in the world right now, I finally had the one I wanted in my hands!

So, why the heck did I decide to invest in this piece?! Well, because it’s timeless, durable, and the chicest accessory there is. I’ve heard of women pulling out their Gucci belts they bought for WAY less in the 80s, and wearing them like a trophy. The moment I felt the belt in store, it was obvious that it was worth the money. Plus, I turned 18 a few months back and I wanted to treat myself!

The thing that was most challenging about buying this belt (besides the months of waiting,) was the sizing. I tried on an 85 in store because they didn’t have an 80. It fit, but if I wanted to wear it with high waisted jeans, then it would sag quite a bit. The sales associate said it’s nearly impossible to get the belt in an 80, and it still hasn’t been restocked in that size. I wear high-waisted jeans a lot, so my simple solution was buying a leather punch tool at Menards for $7 and adding a hole. After a little bit of measuring and help from my dad, the belt now fits perfect.


Turtleneck-Gap, Jeans-Gap, Booties-Old Navy, Jacket-Old Navy (similar here)

My adventure to buy a Gucci belt started out with the realization that I needed to stop impulsively purchasing. The decision to buy the belt was far from impulsive, and I know it’s a piece that I’m going to wear for years. Oh, and now I’m a tad bit better at saving money, as long as there is a happy ending to it, but baby steps!

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