How I Budget Shop for a New Season

Hello lovelies! With spring quickly approaching, it’s time for a wardrobe update that includes fresh trends and a few new basics. I would love to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on all new clothing, but like most people, I can’t do that 2-4 times a year. Before the last fall/winter season, I sat down, did some research, and created a list of pieces I was absolutely getting for those two seasons. This list wasn’t just limited to trend pieces, but also for new basics. By doing this, I was able to budget myself and ensure I wouldn’t buy random pieces I’d wear twice. This method also allowed me to save enough money to buy a Gucci belt, so if you’re wanting to save some money, keep reading!

1. Read the season trend reports

To know what’s going to be in for the coming season, read the trend reports. I like to read ones from Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Elle. It also helps to skim through a few magazines and circle clothes, shoes, and accessories that catch your eye. Scrolling through Instagram and checking out your favorite fashion blogs is an easy way to find trends that are popular at the moment. Once you’ve found your inspiration, create a list of trends and pieces that you want to incorporate into your wardrobe. I include both trends I know I can pull of, and ones I’m not so sure about. For example, square necklines are popular right now, but they aren’t flattering on me. Trends I don’t like get crossed off my list, so I can focus on the ones I do like.

2. Shop your closet

I’m a huge fan of shopping my closet, so I go through it to get rid of stuff about every two months. Look in your closet and find pieces you know you aren’t going to wear, or clothes that don’t fit. Donate, sell, or trash these things because there is no point of letting them take up space in your closet! I’m SUPER guilty of being a clothing hoarder, but today I shopped my closet and got rid of the pieces I’ve never worn, but keep just in case I end up liking them. This RARELY happens, but if you can’t part with a piece because you might wear it in the future, or because it has sentimental value, then put it in a box to store away. See if you find anything you own already that is trendy for the upcoming season. When I shopped my closet, I found a white eyelet blouse that seems to be pretty popular right now. Now, I can check that trend off my list because I already have a piece similar!

3. Browse your favorite stores

Now that you’ve shopped your closet, check out some of your favorite stores. Is there anything you HAVE to have? One piece I’ve been dying to have is a denim skirt, so I purchased this one from Gap. I’ve been so into skirts these past six months, and I know it’s going to be something I wear a lot. I love to shop the new arrivals section and look for any trends that weren’t necessarily listed on trend reports, but still look like they are going to be big for the coming season.

4. Start your list

This list includes specific pieces, as well as trends. I included the exact denim skirt I wanted but also more gingham pieces in general, whether they be tops or shoes. The main thing to consider when starting your list is what is a need and what is a want. Yeah, I WANT five different colors of slingback kitten heels, but I really only need one pair. Make sure when you’re making this list, you’re considering your personal style. As mentioned earlier, square necklines are trendy, but they aren’t flattering on me and I don’t care for them. They aren’t me, so why would I waste my money on them?

Depending on your budget and closet size, your list can be as long or as short as you want it to be. One thing to remember about your list is that it is a guideline, and not a rulebook. It’s great to keep in mind while shopping, but you don’t have to buy everything on it. And, you can buy a piece that’s not on it occasionally if it’s something you genuinely love.

Shop a few of the things on my spring budget list below!

spring wishlist

1. Old Navy Pink D’Orsay Flats  2. Gap Slingback Kitten Heels  3. Gap Pleated Trousers

4. J Crew Wrap Top  5. Gap Denim Skirt  6. Kate Spade Cameron Street Large Lane in Black 

7. Kate Spade Sunglasses  8. Target Gingham Flats  9. Target Gingham Top

10. Express Gingham Dress  11. Marc Fisher Kickoff Wedge Sandal from DSW

What’s on your list this season? Comment on this post, or let me know on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest!

xoxo, The Chic Flamingo






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