Spring Shopping Wishlist

Hello lovelies! A few weeks back on the blog, I shared how I budget shop for spring and a few items I was planning on getting. Although I’m trying to save money, it’s still fun to look! With this cold weather we are having right now in Ohio, I’ve been doing a tad bit more online shopping and window shopping than normal. I’m just tired of cold weather clothes, so I find myself scrolling through stores online finding inspiration and wishing I was able to wear the clothes I’m looking at. Today, I’ve rounded up a few of the items I have stashed in my online cart that are making me wish it was spring!


1. Gap Bag 2. Target Top 3. Old Navy Romper 4. Old Navy Dress 5. Target Sunglasses

6. JCrew Skirt 7. Gap Top 8. Old Navy Shoes 9. Target Shoes 10. Gap Short

Seriously, I’m dying for warmer weather! I wish I could buy everything from this post, but I’m still saving up, like I mentioned in my Spring Budget Shopping post. Let me know what you’ve been dying to purchase on my Instagram, Facebook, or Pintereset!

xoxo, The Chic Flamingo

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