The Foolproof Way for Classy Chic Girls to Wear Black Jeans

Hello lovelies! One of the harder pieces to style in a chic wardrobe is destructed black jeans. I have a pair of faded Gap ones that I wear all the time with sneakers and a tee when I want to wear something casual and edgy. I think mixing two different style s creates an interesting outfit, so today I’ve styled a pair of edgy black jeans to be chic and classy!


My go-to classy top is a white blouse. They’re simple, relatively easy to style, and there is so many types to choose from. I’m wearing a white blouse with flutter sleeves from Trendz Boutique, but this outfit would look super cute with a classic white button up too.


Accessories always make or break the look. I wanted to make sure I really made the chic part of the outfit come through, so I added mules. I’m not a huge fan of bright colors with black, but a subtle blush compliments the destructed denim well. Stripes are a pattern I heavily associate with a classy chic style. I’m living for my striped Sam bag right now and I’m constantly reaching for it no matter the occasion. If you want to read more about it, head on over to the review I did awhile back after you’re done reading this post!


I kept my hair sleek with a low bun to finish off the look. Styling destructed black jeans to be chic can be a little hard. I suggest really amping up the girliness with the rest of your look, like I did with the flutter sleeves. Pick the right accessories that will contrast the edginess of the black jeans, but not clash.

What’s your favorite way to style black destructed jeans? Let me know on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!

xoxo, The Chic Flamingo

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