Chic Vox Box Product Review

Hello lovelies! Awhile ago I received the Chic VoxBox from Influester complimentary for testing purposes. I was really excited when I was chosen for the campaign because I had no idea what was coming in the box. So, in today’s post I’ll be sharing all the goodies from the box along with a product review for each!


1. NYX Worth the Hype Mascara

I am a Too Faced BTS girl through and through, it’s my holy grail. If I’m not using BTS, then I’m wearing L’Oréal’s knock-off. When I opened the package and saw a mascara I was really excited to put it to the test against my two favorite mascaras, and when I did, it held up! NYX’s WTH mascara is super lengthening and voluminizing without being clumpy, everything a girl with short lashes needs. It takes an outrageous amount of coats to even get remotely clumpy, so if you’re a fan of the super natural look, this mascara is perfect for you!


2. EOS Shave Cream

I rarely ever use shaving cream because I think it’s just as easy to throw some soap on your legs and go for it. But, I really love this shave cream from EOS! It’s great because it is a thicker formula and it isn’t going to run off wet legs. Plus, EOS always has the best products for moisturizing in my opinion, and the shave cream goes right along with that trend. I’ve been self-tanning every few days lately, so this product helps to prep my legs and create a smooth base.


3. Hair Food Shampoo & Conditioner

After going bright blonde recently, my hair has been feeling pretty dry, so a shampoo and conditioner duo that’ll keep my locks hydrated is a must. This product is really good at moisturizing and it smells amazing! Plus, it doesn’t contain any parabens!


4. Korres Face Mask

I was a little hesitant to try this mask because I’m on a pretty strict skincare regiment right now. I’ve been using Proactiv and a retinoid cream prescribed by my doctor for a few months now. I was a little worried that using this mask would cause my face to break out, but it didn’t! The mask is grainy which surprised me, so when you first put it on it exfoliates the skin. Overall, I really loved how soft my skin felt after using this mask, and the product only has to stay on for less than 5 minutes!


Thank you Influenster for sending me these products complimentary for testing purposes!


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