The Foolproof Way for Classy Chic Girls to Wear Black Jeans

Hello lovelies! One of the harder pieces to style in a chic wardrobe is destructed black jeans. I have a pair of faded Gap ones that I wear all the time with sneakers and a tee when I want to wear something casual and edgy. I think mixing two different style s creates an interesting outfit, so today I’ve styled a pair of edgy black jeans to be chic and classy!


My go-to classy top is a white blouse. They’re simple, relatively easy to style, and there is so many types to choose from. I’m wearing a white blouse with flutter sleeves from Trendz Boutique, but this outfit would look super cute with a classic white button up too.


Accessories always make or break the look. I wanted to make sure I really made the chic part of the outfit come through, so I added mules. I’m not a huge fan of bright colors with black, but a subtle blush compliments the destructed denim well. Stripes are a pattern I heavily associate with a classy chic style. I’m living for my striped Sam bag right now and I’m constantly reaching for it no matter the occasion. If you want to read more about it, head on over to the review I did awhile back after you’re done reading this post!


I kept my hair sleek with a low bun to finish off the look. Styling destructed black jeans to be chic can be a little hard. I suggest really amping up the girliness with the rest of your look, like I did with the flutter sleeves. Pick the right accessories that will contrast the edginess of the black jeans, but not clash.

What’s your favorite way to style black destructed jeans? Let me know on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!

xoxo, The Chic Flamingo

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Spring Shopping Wishlist

Hello lovelies! A few weeks back on the blog, I shared how I budget shop for spring and a few items I was planning on getting. Although I’m trying to save money, it’s still fun to look! With this cold weather we are having right now in Ohio, I’ve been doing a tad bit more online shopping and window shopping than normal. I’m just tired of cold weather clothes, so I find myself scrolling through stores online finding inspiration and wishing I was able to wear the clothes I’m looking at. Today, I’ve rounded up a few of the items I have stashed in my online cart that are making me wish it was spring!


1. Gap Bag 2. Target Top 3. Old Navy Romper 4. Old Navy Dress 5. Target Sunglasses

6. JCrew Skirt 7. Gap Top 8. Old Navy Shoes 9. Target Shoes 10. Gap Short

Seriously, I’m dying for warmer weather! I wish I could buy everything from this post, but I’m still saving up, like I mentioned in my Spring Budget Shopping post. Let me know what you’ve been dying to purchase on my Instagram, Facebook, or Pintereset!

xoxo, The Chic Flamingo

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Let’s Talk Trend: Kitten Heels

Hello lovelies! I am back for another edition of my “Let’s Talk Trend” series! If you don’t know already, “Let’s Talk Trend” is a series where I discuss current trends and showcase a few different pieces that encapsulate that trend. Today, we’re talking all about one of my new favorite trends, the slingback kitten heel. So, let’s talk trend!

The kitten heel has been a fashion girl favorite for awhile now, and it isn’t hard to see why. Kitten heels offer a little bit of height, but aren’t impossible to walk in. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of kitten heels in the retro slingback style, and I’m all about it!

From neutrals, prints, and pops of colors, slingback kitten heels can be found pretty much anywhere right now. Pair a hot pink pair with white denim and a white bell sleeve top for a fun, spring look. Or, style a white pair with a denim skirt and a graphic tee for a casual, cool girl vibe. There’s not doubt these fancy shoes go with everything!

Here’s a few of my favorite slingback kitten heels right now:


The first pair of slingback kitten heels I came across were these Kate Spade Ollie heels. I think we all can agree that everything is better with a bow on it, so these KSNY heels really take the cake.



Can we take a moment to thank Target for creating the most adorable, yet affordable shoes? If you want to rock this trend, I suggest these red heels from Target for only $24.99.

target shoe


I’m also really obsessing over this “shocking pink” pair from Gap. I swear one of these days I’m gonna crack down and buy them, but for now, they’ll just sit in my online cart.

gap shoe


I’ve always been a fan of Sam Edelman shoes, and these white slingback heels are no exception! Not to mention, white shoes are so on trend right now.

sam edelman

What do you think about the slingback kitten heels trend? Let me know on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!

xoxo, The Chic Flamingo



The Iconic Kate Spade Sam Bag

Hello lovelies! Last fall, Kate Spade showed an updated version of their iconic Sam bag at fashion week. I watched the Kate Spade live video on Instagram of their showcase, and knew immediately I had to get the bag! I have been obsessed with Kate Spade for years now, and own several bags from the brand. So, when the Sam was finally released about a month ago, I started to scope out which one I would get!


Before I got the bag, I did check out all the different variations of the bag. The Sam comes in materials like fabric, leather, canvas, and even straw. There’s so many colors, patterns, and sizes to choose from, so it’s easy to say there is a Sam for every girl out there! Originally, I thought I wanted the black nylon Sam, but after seeing the striped nylon in store, I knew it was the one.

Typically I’d go for a leather bag, but in true spirit of the original Sam, I opted for the nylon. Plus, I didn’t have a nylon bag until I got it, so it’s a little bit different then the rest of my collection.


The Sam is absolutely perfect for everyday use. It’s not too big or too small, and has a zipper closure to keep the bag shut. Inside, there’s two open pockets and one zippered pocket. It also came with a removable black strap, so it can be carried as a cross body, on the shoulder, or in your hand. The bottom of the bag is very sturdy and has metal feet to protect the underneath side of it from dust or dirt. I personally love that the bottom and edges of the bag are thicker because it will prevent the bag from slouching.


Overall, the Kate Spade Sam lived up to every expectation I had. I’m in love with the striped nylon version, but you should definitely take a look at the other versions before you buy to see which one is right for you! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to see more of my daily life!

xoxo, The Chic Flamingo

How I Budget Shop for a New Season

Hello lovelies! With spring quickly approaching, it’s time for a wardrobe update that includes fresh trends and a few new basics. I would love to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on all new clothing, but like most people, I can’t do that 2-4 times a year. Before the last fall/winter season, I sat down, did some research, and created a list of pieces I was absolutely getting for those two seasons. This list wasn’t just limited to trend pieces, but also for new basics. By doing this, I was able to budget myself and ensure I wouldn’t buy random pieces I’d wear twice. This method also allowed me to save enough money to buy a Gucci belt, so if you’re wanting to save some money, keep reading!

1. Read the season trend reports

To know what’s going to be in for the coming season, read the trend reports. I like to read ones from Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Elle. It also helps to skim through a few magazines and circle clothes, shoes, and accessories that catch your eye. Scrolling through Instagram and checking out your favorite fashion blogs is an easy way to find trends that are popular at the moment. Once you’ve found your inspiration, create a list of trends and pieces that you want to incorporate into your wardrobe. I include both trends I know I can pull of, and ones I’m not so sure about. For example, square necklines are popular right now, but they aren’t flattering on me. Trends I don’t like get crossed off my list, so I can focus on the ones I do like.

2. Shop your closet

I’m a huge fan of shopping my closet, so I go through it to get rid of stuff about every two months. Look in your closet and find pieces you know you aren’t going to wear, or clothes that don’t fit. Donate, sell, or trash these things because there is no point of letting them take up space in your closet! I’m SUPER guilty of being a clothing hoarder, but today I shopped my closet and got rid of the pieces I’ve never worn, but keep just in case I end up liking them. This RARELY happens, but if you can’t part with a piece because you might wear it in the future, or because it has sentimental value, then put it in a box to store away. See if you find anything you own already that is trendy for the upcoming season. When I shopped my closet, I found a white eyelet blouse that seems to be pretty popular right now. Now, I can check that trend off my list because I already have a piece similar!

3. Browse your favorite stores

Now that you’ve shopped your closet, check out some of your favorite stores. Is there anything you HAVE to have? One piece I’ve been dying to have is a denim skirt, so I purchased this one from Gap. I’ve been so into skirts these past six months, and I know it’s going to be something I wear a lot. I love to shop the new arrivals section and look for any trends that weren’t necessarily listed on trend reports, but still look like they are going to be big for the coming season.

4. Start your list

This list includes specific pieces, as well as trends. I included the exact denim skirt I wanted but also more gingham pieces in general, whether they be tops or shoes. The main thing to consider when starting your list is what is a need and what is a want. Yeah, I WANT five different colors of slingback kitten heels, but I really only need one pair. Make sure when you’re making this list, you’re considering your personal style. As mentioned earlier, square necklines are trendy, but they aren’t flattering on me and I don’t care for them. They aren’t me, so why would I waste my money on them?

Depending on your budget and closet size, your list can be as long or as short as you want it to be. One thing to remember about your list is that it is a guideline, and not a rulebook. It’s great to keep in mind while shopping, but you don’t have to buy everything on it. And, you can buy a piece that’s not on it occasionally if it’s something you genuinely love.

Shop a few of the things on my spring budget list below!

spring wishlist

1. Old Navy Pink D’Orsay Flats  2. Gap Slingback Kitten Heels  3. Gap Pleated Trousers

4. J Crew Wrap Top  5. Gap Denim Skirt  6. Kate Spade Cameron Street Large Lane in Black 

7. Kate Spade Sunglasses  8. Target Gingham Flats  9. Target Gingham Top

10. Express Gingham Dress  11. Marc Fisher Kickoff Wedge Sandal from DSW

What’s on your list this season? Comment on this post, or let me know on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest!

xoxo, The Chic Flamingo





Thinking Pink- Two Valentine’s Day Outfits

Hello lovelies! Valentine’s Day has to be one of my favorite holidays because everything is pink and it’s totally acceptable to eat a dozen of chocolate covered strawberries in one sitting! It’s the perfect holiday to pull out some of your girliest pieces and style them to create a fun, feminine look. If you’re looking for an outfit for a Valentine’s (or Galentine’s!) day date, or you just want to shop for a couple cute pink pieces, keep reading!


For this first outfit, I’m wearing this bright pink skirt from JCrew. I’ve been dying to style this piece for Valentine’s Day since I received it for Christmas because the bold pink color and ruffle hem are so girly! I paired it with a cream mockneck blouse with tiny dot detailing and a black fur jacket. The tiny dots on the blouse give the look a little bit of texture, but also add to the feminine look I was going for.


In this look, I’m wearing tights and heels, but you could easily wear flats or over the knee boots to make the outfit more casual. To finish it off, I popped a black beret on my head. The black hat balances out the black from the coat, tights, and heels, so it really brings the whole look together!


Skirt-Jcrew, Top-Marshall's (similar here), Beret- Similar, Fur Jacket-Gap

My second outfit is definitely something I’ve worn before (try once a week, lol!) I’ve shared this pink Gap turtleneck before on my blog, and it’s one of my favs. I love the oversized sleeves and cropped hem. It’s a muted pink color so it gives off a Valentine’s day vibe without being too bold, like the skirt in the last outfit.


I paired the sweater with my staple dark wash jeans, taupe OTK boots, and the same black fur jacket from the previous look. I’ve been wearing this black fur jacket nonstop, and I think it adds a chic touch to even the most basic outfits!


Fur Jacket-Gap, Sweater-Gap, Jeans-Gap, Boots-Marshalls (similar here)

I don’t have any Valentine’s Day plans yet, but depending on the location, I’ll be wearing one of these two looks! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to see more of The Chic Flamingo!


My First Investment Piece!

Hello lovelies! I recently purchased my first investment piece, a Gucci belt. I wanted to write a blog post about my hunt to get the right belt, and why I decided I would invest in this piece. If you’re interested in purchasing a Gucci belt, or if you just want to know why I bought one, then keep reading!

It all started back in October of 2017 when I came home from Marshall’s with bags full of random stuff that I had just impulsively bought. A sweater that I wore twice, a pack of hangers, and a few other small things that I did not need. I realized that I needed to get my act together and stop spending my money on useless things, so I stopped spending money completely for an entire month. I started brewing coffee at home, avoiding fast food, and saving up for one big prize.


By the time my annual shopping trip at the end of November came, I saved up more than enough to buy a Gucci belt. I was very naïve, and I walked into the Gucci inside of Saks Fifth thinking that I would walk out with a belt. Little did I know that even the pink leather belt was sold out just about everywhere. Thankfully, the sales associate took my name and number and he said he would call around to find one in my size.

About a week later the sales associate called and said that there was about seven in the US in my size, and stores would NOT give them up. He told me to check the site daily just in case I could get one online before he got one in store. So, I waited…and waited…and waited for two months.

I checked the Gucci site everyday, and they were not restocking it in my size. That was until last week when I was sitting in school during my free period. I went onto Gucci, and saw the belt was in stock in the 85.


The belt was delivered to my house yesterday, and I was in awe when I opened the box. After all this trouble to get the most popular belt in the world right now, I finally had the one I wanted in my hands!

So, why the heck did I decide to invest in this piece?! Well, because it’s timeless, durable, and the chicest accessory there is. I’ve heard of women pulling out their Gucci belts they bought for WAY less in the 80s, and wearing them like a trophy. The moment I felt the belt in store, it was obvious that it was worth the money. Plus, I turned 18 a few months back and I wanted to treat myself!

The thing that was most challenging about buying this belt (besides the months of waiting,) was the sizing. I tried on an 85 in store because they didn’t have an 80. It fit, but if I wanted to wear it with high waisted jeans, then it would sag quite a bit. The sales associate said it’s nearly impossible to get the belt in an 80, and it still hasn’t been restocked in that size. I wear high-waisted jeans a lot, so my simple solution was buying a leather punch tool at Menards for $7 and adding a hole. After a little bit of measuring and help from my dad, the belt now fits perfect.


Turtleneck-Gap, Jeans-Gap, Booties-Old Navy, Jacket-Old Navy (similar here)

My adventure to buy a Gucci belt started out with the realization that I needed to stop impulsively purchasing. The decision to buy the belt was far from impulsive, and I know it’s a piece that I’m going to wear for years. Oh, and now I’m a tad bit better at saving money, as long as there is a happy ending to it, but baby steps!

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