Thinking Pink- Two Valentine’s Day Outfits

Hello lovelies! Valentine’s Day has to be one of my favorite holidays because everything is pink and it’s totally acceptable to eat a dozen of chocolate covered strawberries in one sitting! It’s the perfect holiday to pull out some of your girliest pieces and style them to create a fun, feminine look. If you’re looking for an outfit for a Valentine’s (or Galentine’s!) day date, or you just want to shop for a couple cute pink pieces, keep reading!


For this first outfit, I’m wearing this bright pink skirt from JCrew. I’ve been dying to style this piece for Valentine’s Day since I received it for Christmas because the bold pink color and ruffle hem are so girly! I paired it with a cream mockneck blouse with tiny dot detailing and a black fur jacket. The tiny dots on the blouse give the look a little bit of texture, but also add to the feminine look I was going for.


In this look, I’m wearing tights and heels, but you could easily wear flats or over the knee boots to make the outfit more casual. To finish it off, I popped a black beret on my head. The black hat balances out the black from the coat, tights, and heels, so it really brings the whole look together!


Skirt-Jcrew, Top-Marshall's (similar here), Beret- Similar, Fur Jacket-Gap

My second outfit is definitely something I’ve worn before (try once a week, lol!) I’ve shared this pink Gap turtleneck before on my blog, and it’s one of my favs. I love the oversized sleeves and cropped hem. It’s a muted pink color so it gives off a Valentine’s day vibe without being too bold, like the skirt in the last outfit.


I paired the sweater with my staple dark wash jeans, taupe OTK boots, and the same black fur jacket from the previous look. I’ve been wearing this black fur jacket nonstop, and I think it adds a chic touch to even the most basic outfits!


Fur Jacket-Gap, Sweater-Gap, Jeans-Gap, Boots-Marshalls (similar here)

I don’t have any Valentine’s Day plans yet, but depending on the location, I’ll be wearing one of these two looks! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to see more of The Chic Flamingo!


My First Investment Piece!

Hello lovelies! I recently purchased my first investment piece, a Gucci belt. I wanted to write a blog post about my hunt to get the right belt, and why I decided I would invest in this piece. If you’re interested in purchasing a Gucci belt, or if you just want to know why I bought one, then keep reading!

It all started back in October of 2017 when I came home from Marshall’s with bags full of random stuff that I had just impulsively bought. A sweater that I wore twice, a pack of hangers, and a few other small things that I did not need. I realized that I needed to get my act together and stop spending my money on useless things, so I stopped spending money completely for an entire month. I started brewing coffee at home, avoiding fast food, and saving up for one big prize.


By the time my annual shopping trip at the end of November came, I saved up more than enough to buy a Gucci belt. I was very naïve, and I walked into the Gucci inside of Saks Fifth thinking that I would walk out with a belt. Little did I know that even the pink leather belt was sold out just about everywhere. Thankfully, the sales associate took my name and number and he said he would call around to find one in my size.

About a week later the sales associate called and said that there was about seven in the US in my size, and stores would NOT give them up. He told me to check the site daily just in case I could get one online before he got one in store. So, I waited…and waited…and waited for two months.

I checked the Gucci site everyday, and they were not restocking it in my size. That was until last week when I was sitting in school during my free period. I went onto Gucci, and saw the belt was in stock in the 85.


The belt was delivered to my house yesterday, and I was in awe when I opened the box. After all this trouble to get the most popular belt in the world right now, I finally had the one I wanted in my hands!

So, why the heck did I decide to invest in this piece?! Well, because it’s timeless, durable, and the chicest accessory there is. I’ve heard of women pulling out their Gucci belts they bought for WAY less in the 80s, and wearing them like a trophy. The moment I felt the belt in store, it was obvious that it was worth the money. Plus, I turned 18 a few months back and I wanted to treat myself!

The thing that was most challenging about buying this belt (besides the months of waiting,) was the sizing. I tried on an 85 in store because they didn’t have an 80. It fit, but if I wanted to wear it with high waisted jeans, then it would sag quite a bit. The sales associate said it’s nearly impossible to get the belt in an 80, and it still hasn’t been restocked in that size. I wear high-waisted jeans a lot, so my simple solution was buying a leather punch tool at Menards for $7 and adding a hole. After a little bit of measuring and help from my dad, the belt now fits perfect.


Turtleneck-Gap, Jeans-Gap, Booties-Old Navy, Jacket-Old Navy (similar here)

My adventure to buy a Gucci belt started out with the realization that I needed to stop impulsively purchasing. The decision to buy the belt was far from impulsive, and I know it’s a piece that I’m going to wear for years. Oh, and now I’m a tad bit better at saving money, as long as there is a happy ending to it, but baby steps!

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Let’s Talk Trend: Statement Buckles

Hello lovelies! I was scrolling through the Kate Spade new arrivals the other day when I noticed a new line of bags with a similar feature on each; a buckle. Statement buckle belts have been very popular for awhile now, and I sport the trend all the time with this Topshop belt. It looks like this trend has moved on to bags now, too! Brands like Gucci, Burberry, and Alexander Wang all have bags with a statement buckle of some sort.

The trend comes in array of shapes, styles, and materials. Some buckles are metal, like this Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme mini bag, and some leather, like the Kate Spade Carlyle Street Kallie.

gucci.jpgGucci Dionysus-$1,690

kate spadeKate Spade Kallie-$268

How fun is this Topshop Rosie bag with a studded square buckle?! It’s edgy and would be the perfect statement bag!

topshop-rosie.jpgTopshop Rosie-$52

Buckles have been popping up all over shoes as well. These Topshop studded booties are the perfect combination of edgy and chic. I’d pair them with a white tee, distressed jeans, and an oversized blazer.

topshop bootsTopshop Studded Ankle Boots-$80

Even though it’s freezing where I live, I have to include these Gap block-heel booties. The buckles do not make as much of a statement as a few of the previously mentioned bags and shoes, but they still pop and create a fun twist on the shoe!

gap bootieGap Bootie-$108

Wanna try the trend, but don’t want to break the bank? Try these picks from Target!

target-bag.jpgLeopard print mini bag? Yes please!

Target Leopard Print Bag-$20

target bootA great dupe for the Topshop boots for HALF the price!

Target Bootie-$37.99

target flatA subtle twist to a chic classic!

Target Loafers-$37.99

I am adoring the buckle trend and all the variations of it. No matter your style, age, or price range, there’s a buckle bag or shoe for you to try! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to keep up with The Chic Flamingo!

Fashion Fears: Styling a Scarf

Hello lovelies! I don’t venture out of my black turtleneck box all too often, so in 2018 I really wanted to push myself to try new things. I received this Kate Spade scarf (similar here) for Christmas and I absolutely love it, but I realized I never wear scarfs. This scarf is too cute not to style, so I figured it’d be the perfect piece to kick off my new series “Fashion Fears.” Once a month, I’ll try out some fashion thing that is a little bit out of my comfort zone, and write a blog post all about it!


In middle school, I wore infiniti scarfs all the time, but eventually I grew out of it. Infiniti scarfs aren’t as on trend as small silk scarfs, blanket scarfs, or like fun squaure scarfs like the one I’m showcasing today. The thing I like most about this scarf is the tassels because tassels and fringe are popular right now.


I paired this scarf with my favorite white blouse from Trendz Boutique because it needed a neutral top for the scarf to showcase the fun pattern. The jeans I’m wearing are my very favorite because they are the perfect wash and style. To add a pop of color, I threw on this pretty pink wool coat. Lately, I’ve been pairing it with these taupe OTK boots because the colors compliment each other well. Then, to finish it off I added a statement belt from Topshop in Nordstrom!


So, will I wear this scarf again? Oh heck yes! It has an exciting pattern and details, yet it’s so classic. I already have a million other outfits in mind for this scarf, and I’m ready to try out different styles of scarfs as well!

This fashion fear was not too hard to overcome, but stay tuned for more editions where I try out pieces that are way further out of my style box! In the meantime, follow my Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to see more of The Chic Flamingo.



How to Stay Stylish in Freezing Weather

Hello lovelies! It has been FREEZING here in Ohio these past few weeks. I’ve been bundling up in thick sweaters and warm winter coats to try to stay warm in this cold weather. When it’s so cold like this, I want to dress for the temperature, but I also want to still look stylish! Today, I’ve compiled a list of necessities for the cold weather!

1. Tons of Coats

This winter, I stocked up on a ton of cute coats when they hit the sale racks. I’m always planning ahead, so I wanted to make sure I had plenty of jackets for walking to class at college next year. A puffer parka is an obvious must, peacoats and long wool coats are timeless gems, and a fur coat is the perfect statement piece. I have one of each, but I don’t have a short puffer jacket, and I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect one!


I love a classic camel coat like this one from Merchant31. It’s so easy to style, and it keeps me super warm!

2. Uggs, Snowboots, or Beanboots

No one likes having cold feet, so investing in a good pair of stylish boots is a necessity. I love the Kristin Ugg because they keep my feet so warm, and they are a twist from the classic Ugg boot because of the wedged heel.  The Kristin Ugg is better for cold days when you won’t be walking through snow since they are only water resistant, not water proof. I’ve been eyeing the Sorel Caribou boots for when I do have to walk through deep snow. L.L. Bean Boots are a bit of an investment, but they are amazing quality and perfect for all terrains and weather.


Kristin Ugg-$149.95

3. Good Socks

I love $1 fuzzy socks from Target, but they just don’t cut it when the temperature hits under 20 degree Fahrenheit. My favorite socks are by the brand Smartwool because they are super soft and they keep my feet warm all day. Smartwools may be pricier for socks, but they are worth every penny. If you’re looking for socks to peek out of the top of your boot, try Gap’s cable knit crew sock!


Smartwool Socks-$16.95

4. Turtlenecks

Yeah, I know, I talk about turtlenecks a lot, but they are my go-to for the coldest of the days! I love really thick, knit ones, like this pink one from Gap! Thin turtlenecks are great for layering under dresses and crewneck sweaters. Plus, who doesn’t love a classic black turtleneck, jeans, and a camel wool coat look? It’s perfect for the cold weather, and it’s so easy to throw on and go!

gap sweater

Gap Sweater-$69.95

5. Trendy Hats and Gloves

I hate wearing basic hats and gloves in the winter, so I always opt for something trendy. Berets are on trend now, but if you want something to cover your ears, try a fun pair of furry earmuffs. For gloves, I will forever love my Kate Spade gloves with a bow (similar here.) They are adorable, but totally functional since they are tech gloves. Other fun winter accessories include chunky scarfs, like this one from Target!


Kate Spade Bow Gloves-$48


Kate Spade Earmuffs-$78

Although I’m looking forward to warmer weather, I’m enjoying bundling up fur coats and fun winter accessories. Cold days don’t seem as bad with a cute outfit to brave the low temperatures!

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The Perfect Skirt for Your NYE Soiree

Hello lovelies! Today on the blog, I’m sharing the perfect skirt for any NYE party. On New Years, I plan on hanging out with Casey, drinking hot chocolate, and watching movies, just like every other year! Although I don’t have any parties to attend, I still wanted to share what I would wear on NYE if I were going out!


The perfect NYE party look has to be fun but easy to dance in. It should contain a little bit of shine, a statement piece, and a bright colored lip. The statement piece in my outfit today is this gorgeous fringe skirt. It reminds me of a flapper skirt because of the layered fringe, so it’s ideal to dance the night away in!


I love an all black look, so I wore black tights, heeled booties, and a ruffle trim black turtleneck. I totally wear this fur jacket all the time, but who can say no to a fun piece like this for New Years Eve?! Oh, and a party outfit can’t be complete without a little bling, so I added my all time favorite rose gold necklace (similar here). It’s subtle, but still adds the bit of shimmer this outfit needs.


For my lips, I’m wearing  the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade K-Dub. This liquid lipstick is quintessential for a party with loads of hor’s d’oeuvres and drinks because it seriously DOES NOT come off! It may look like the color is coming off on your cup, but it remains flawless on your lips. Also, the bright fuchsia color is super fun for a night out!


Writing this post makes me wish I was going to a fancy Upper East side New York party for NYE. If I were to attend one, this is definitely the look I’d be wearing!

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Casey Picks My Outfit!

Hello lovelies! I somehow convinced Casey to do this blog post with me while he is home for break. He had to pick an outfit for a dinner with family and friends that included pants and a warm coat. Casey searched my closet for about five minutes before concluding that I had “too many clothes,” yeah, right! Eventually, he chose a black peplum hem top, jeans, black booties, and a fur coat. I asked him a few questions about the outfit he chose for me, and he answered, reluctantly!DSC01265


Q1. Can you explain the outfit?

“Black booties because of the black shirt. The jeans are your favorite and it was cold out. The fur jacket is warm and it looks nice with the black shirt. I chose the necklace because you were wearing hoops and you usually don’t wear hoops.”

Q2. What was your inspiration for the look?

“I guess the jeans inspired me, but I’ve never had a piece of clothing inspire me.”


Q3. Do you think the guidelines limited you to a small section of my closet?

“Uhh, yeah. That’s why they are called guidelines.”

Q4. Did you choose any of the pieces because it’s something I’d typically wear?

“Black is something you ALWAYS wear.”


Q5. Were you happy with the overall look?

“Yep. You looked nice.”

Q6. Do you think I liked the outfit?

“Yes, you liked the outfit. I’m a good stylist.”


Honestly, overall Casey did a really great job putting an outfit together for dinner. The look was similar to what I’d wear, but I don’t wear the black peplum hem top very often. I think Casey played it a bit safe by choosing black, denim, and fur, but I also think he just knows my style pretty well!

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